Bathroom furniture

Bathrooms used to be pretty boring places, you would go in them to get washed or take a quick look in the mirror but in 2012 the cosmetics industry has reached an all time high and people are spending more and more time in the bathroom!

There are a lot of styles and designs of bathrooms and the option people take usually depends on two things, the first is the available space – this is possibly the single most influential element when designing a bathroom, however, extensions and knocking down wall are options they are not usually popular ones.
The second thing for consideration when designing a bathroom is the location of the existing piping, where this comes into and goes out of both the house and bathroom. It is possible to move piping and supplies around if you would want to this can significantly increase the cost of the installation.

Bathroom furniture might be a fairly new concept but when you are spending the kind of money people spend on kitting out their bathrooms when fitting a new suite some complementary furniture, at the price, is a really nice finishing touch.

Bathroom furniture can includes everything from a stool to sit on while you get dried to a fitted seat in your shower. There was a time when seats in showers and baths were exclusively for disabled people but they are now a luxury and can be bought and placed in the bath or shower or, at a higher cost, you could even opt for a fitted solution/option.

If you are interested in taking a look at a selection of bathrooms or bathroom furniture there are quite a few sites that you can take a look at to get some ideas for designs and to really help you come up with a concept/colour scheme. Have a browse around google and see what you like!


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