Changing Energy Supplier? Visit A Price Comparison Site First

Times are hard at the moment. Our money buys less than it did a year ago and the cost of basic utilities continue to rise despite this fact. As most major energy suppliers and telecoms companies have announced increasing rates in the last six months, many households in Britain are experiencing financial uncertainty for the first time.

So what can we do to save some money while retaining the services we have come to rely on in twenty-first century Britain? Arguably, the answer is research. With a host of companies selling energy supply, it is worth considering a change in your provider, if one of their competitors offers a similar service for less. There are a host of websites available that offer energy comparison services and advice on various household policies such as Boiler insurance and central heating cover. Before you decide to switch providers due to the carefully worded television advert you saw that explained that company X is cheaper than company Y, actually look further into it. Check both websites, write down the things each company promotes as selling-points and compare the two offers.

Does the prospect of Fixed energy prices interest you? Visit a price comparison site and read reviews from customers already signed up to a fixed rate deal as well as checking the details of the offer. Many fixed rate deals have high fees for cancelling your account should you decide to switch providers again before your contract has ended.

Many price comparison sites operate on commission, which means that the companies they list pay a small fee for every new customer they gain directly through the price comparison site. As this is the case, you should also visit the sites of companies that are not listed to get a more accurate reading of the deals and prices available.

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