Coffee or Tea?

If you are a tea drinker there is no doubt you wish the question was asked more often, especially when everyone simply assumes you drink coffee. There are plenty of fantastic coffee roasts, blends and flavors like the island coconut coffee K-Cup® drink but if it’s tea that you want then only tea will do. The best way to make everyone happy is with an on demand coffee maker because each person can drink the hot beverage of their choice when you stock up on both tea and coffee K-Cup® inserts along with other interesting options like chai and hot chocolate.

The idea behind the on demand or single serve coffee maker is to make it fast, easy and convenient for anyone to be able to enjoy a hot beverage. This means there are no pots or carafes to clean no filters to handle and no need to scoop and measure coffee or worry about the correct coffee-to-water ratio because it is all pre-set by the machine. The beverages are always hot and fresh because they are brewed on demand instead of made in advance.

The design behind single serve coffee makers is ingenious – there is a reservoir to fill with water and a place to insert a coffee or tea pod before brewing. Simply position your mug, choose a coffee or tea insert, press a button and in under a minute you can enjoy a hot custom made beverage of your choice. Cleanup is minimal – simply toss the used coffee or tea pod; there is no carafe to clean since you use your own cup and there is no warmer so you won’t have to worry about burning the place down if you leave it on.


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