Cook up seasonal delights this autumn

Following the heatwave, it seems that autumn is well and truly here so now is the best chance to start making some scrumptious goodies while using best seasonal produce.

October is the ideal time for you to finish with the summer salads and to begin using your dual fuel range cookers to their full potential by making offerings of hearty soups and stews, warming pies and truly delicious puddings!

Game season is now here, with the best British products now ready for the table, for example partridge and grouse and if you’re more of a fish lover, this can be a excellent time of the year to cook up some wonderful nautical but nice influenced delicacy! Mussels, oysters, sea bass and scallops are all in season.

To go with your meat or fish, hearty vegetables for instance celeriac, aubergines and cabbage are advised during October, and wild mushrooms are also in season.

Pumpkin is also one of the key components of this time of year – and not just for Halloween! It’s so adaptable and can be used in soups, casseroles and tarts as well as sweet desserts for example the much-loved autumn favourite pumpkin pie.

If you want to produce some delicious cuisine this October but your cooker is getting on, why not consider replacing it with one of Britannia Living’s fantastic choice of dual fuel range cookers? These stylish cookers incorporate the best elements of both gas and electric cooking – supplying you with the power of gas hob cooking with the cleanliness and versatility of an electric oven, so you can cook up a vast array of tasty treats this autumn!

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