Create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home

When it comes to creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home candles are hard to beat. Even when candles are unlit they can make for a great finishing touch to any room in your home. When they are lit they can take the chill off a room and cast beautiful lighting onto the walls, creating a warm and atmospheric feel to the room. Moreover, when scented candles are lit they create a beautiful aroma in the room which only adds to the warm and cosy atmosphere.

Best Kept Secrets offer a superb range of handmade scented candles and candle tins for every occasion. With a choice of over fifty different scents you can choose the perfect candle suited to your tastes or the perfect gift for someone else. You can even personalise your candle with a special message to whoever is going to receive this special gift. With a range of different candle types to choose from you can be sure to be able to find the perfect candle for your needs with peace of mind that the candle has been made to the highest standards.

Best Kept Secrets also offer a wide selection of scented candle tins that burn for 50 hours. Each candle tin measures approximately three inches by three inches and contains the highest quality wax infused with the finest fragrances. With 44 fragrances to choose from you can find the perfect candle tin for your home or for a gift for a friend or family member. 50 hours burn time means that your candle tin will burn for hour after hour, offering great value for money while producing a beautiful environment in your home through ambient heat, atmospheric lighting and an aromatic fragrance.

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