Home Inspection Is Essential For Effective Roof Repair

As per the common notion, a roofing inspection only is sufficient to detect out the various roofing problems but the fact is that albeit the roofing inspections can detect a large scale of roofing issues yet it cannot point out certain hidden roofing problems or further roofing damages as a result of  malfunctioning in other parts of the home. Thus, roof repair and home inspections are well connected with each other.

Sometimes the roofing leaks might not be caused from water damages inside but from leaks on your home siding. If the siding has cracked, loose, damaged or missing pieces it could be a high leak hazard. Now, a mere roofing inspection in such a situation cannot detect out the actual cause of the roof leak and when you cannot find out the root of the problem, the issue cannot be solved effectively. But if your roofer is ready to take up a thorough home inspection, inside and outside your home, he would certainly come across the main cause behind the roof leak, i.e. the siding leak and thus would be able to deliver the right most solution.

Then, you must know that malfunctioning of your gutters can lead to severe leak issues and worsening of the roof condition. Once again, if you are going for a plain roof inspection here which would just check out on your roof, you won’t be able to identify the cause. But if the roofer provides a roof inspection along with in-depth home inspection he will find out your clogged or old gutter that is unable to channel out the water from your roof properly, damaging the roof part in turn.

Besides, do you know that hidden roof leaks are sometimes detected through window leaks? A simple roof inspection might not be able to hunt out these hidden leaks and this is why you need to have a complete home inspection. As the home inspection services will look at very feature of your house including the windows, the window leaks would prompt the home inspectors to further search for the apparently unnoticeable roof leaks upwards- since the roof inspection service would survey the roof area only and not your window leaks you will stay in dark about these possible hidden roof defects that could lead to highly damaging consequences in future years.

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