Home Renovations for Aging Parents

The majority of the elderly population want to spend their senior years living in their own home. Enabling them to do that may require some remodeling to make the family home accommodating to a senior’s needs. Sometimes, health or financial issues make it necessary for an elderly parent to move in with their adult children. This is a lifestyle change for everyone. It’s also a change that often requires some interior remodeling.

Making the Homeplace Safe
To make the home environment safe for elderly parents, you may need to make small changes such as adding handrails to steps, arranging furniture so there’s a clear traffic pattern through each room, increase the interior lighting, remove throw rugs and make multiple other minor changes. Finding a resource for handyman projects such as changing light bulbs, window cleaning and moving furniture can be beneficial to seniors.

Bathroom Design
A bathroom renovation often needs to be done in the family home or in the adult child’s home that the aging parent is moving into. There are some basic features that should be included in the design. Grab bars, a walk-in shower, non-slip flooring and a tall toilet seat are features that can be helpful to seniors.

Making Room for Aging Parents
Basement renovations Hinsdale il can assist you in creating a comfortable, senior-friendly living area in your basement. Your parents can retain privacy and independence while knowing they have family close by should they require assistance. Loneliness is eased knowing they have easy access to family. If a basement renovation isn’t an option, you may need to transform a bedroom or extra living area into a sleeping and living area for your parent. Having an attached bathroom would be ideal. The kitchen area could be a shared space.

There are many home improvement ideas that can help you transition your home to accommodate your immediate lifestyle needs. As a homeowner, you may make changes to your home ranging from designing a nursery to creating a living area for an elderly relative.

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