Your doors need not be costly, and need not be low quality either!

And here we have a breakthrough when it comes to modern designed doors, we look at a company based in the midlands who provide a huge range of upvc and conservatory installations but a lot of their many customers forget about the other services they provide.


Harveys Windows install and maintain doors in Leicester, and have a nice showroom with a load of options available. Their UPVC panels are second to none and add a nice extra bit of security to your home or garage.


Car Porches are also popular amongst them and their local customers so they can store their car but also have a new door installed at the same time, have you seen some of the patterns that they also have available? You could if you wanted to, even have a Leicester City FC fox scrolled onto your door window panel, obviously customisation is a slightly higher cost but this would definitely be worth it as it would remain in your home forever!


How you can customise your Door


You can choose colours, the type of wood and any fittings you might like, Harveys don’t use cheap materials that could cause problems when facing the elements. Only the best woods are used from their empire road showroom.


If your looking for a modern look then go for a red colour, after all red is the colour of London and could make you look a lot more English, although if you wanted to do that then why not make a special request to have an England flag engraved or even painted on your door? – please note though that you might need planning permission for this!


So there we have it, a simple solution to getting a nice cheap door but without the cheap quality and with all the customisation you might need!


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