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Bath Buying 101

Bath BuyingOnce upon a time a bath was a bath; there were no bells and whistles to get our heads around. Suffice to say, the landscape has changed and buying a bath is no longer a simple process, it’s one that has a whole host of factors to consider.

In truth, we could put together a whole dissertation on what you should and shouldn’t consider when buying your next bath. Instead of doing this, we’re going to look at three of the most important factors. Get these right and you’ll be all set for buying a bath that suits you and your bathroom to perfection.

Are you a “bath enthusiast”?
It sounds ridiculous, but there’s two types of people in this world; the shower guy, and the bath enthusiast. If you fall into the latter category, it should go without saying that you’ll be looking for some of the bells and whistles that we touchedupon initially. Should your budget allow, whirlpool features, headrests, slip resistant flooring and even underwater lighting are all possible and if you do enjoy your daily bath, they are worthwhile considerations.

What size do you have to work with?
Hopefully this is one of the more obvious factors, but again not all bathrooms are suited to all bath tubs. Some won’t even facilitate the standard 60 inch tub, and it’s at this point that you have to get creative. Rather than cramming into a tiny one, perhaps consider an alternate shape such as the round option. In fact, the round tub is proving to be quite popular at the moment, with many designers claiming that it epitomises the contemporary bathroom.

What’s the weight of the tub?
This is something that few buyers consider, but the weight of the tub can be absolutely critical. There’s no doubt that cast iron tubs look the most appealing, as you can see through these examples, but they are also heavier. Some properties won’t be able to cope with such weight, and it’s here that you might have to consider something lighter like plastic.