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FAQs About Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated MirrorsHave you considered putting an illuminated mirror in your bathroom when you are updating the look of your smallest room? Illuminated mirrors provide functionality and aesthetic appeal – if you look at the range of illuminated bathroom mirrors available you will see there’s a style to suit all bathrooms. If you are interested in this type of mirror but want to know more, read on to discover the answers to commonly asked questions about bathroom mirrors with lights.


Where are the Lights in Illuminated Mirrors?

If you take a look at different illuminated bathroom cabinets from a supplier like you will see that there are a number of different places where the lights are located. But generally you will find lights to the sides of the mirror, and often at the top of the mirror. The positioning of the lights is important. One of the main benefits of an illuminated mirror is that the light is even across your face and not blocked by your head. When you use an overhead light you get uneven shadows across your face, which makes it more difficult to see what you are doing when you are applying make-up, or shaving.


Do I Need Extra Light in the Bathroom?

If you use illuminated bathroom mirrors then you may need an additional overhead light in order to make the bathroom bright for when you take a shower in the morning or need to feel energised. The best set-up is a combination of bathroom mirror lights for close focus, an overhead light for general use, and natural light for daytime. Making the most of natural light when you can makes it more likely you will get a closer match on colours in your make-up, and be able to see your face in detail. However, LED bathroom mirrors are a great solution for a bathroom with no natural light at all.


Which Bulbs are used for Illuminated Mirrors?

Most modern lighted mirrors use LED bulbs. There are a few reasons for this – for example, LED bulbs give a better quality of light and they are also more efficient in terms of energy consumption. Using LED bulbs makes a difference if you use a lot of electricity in your home.


Should the Bulbs be as Bright as Possible?

It is a mistake to think that you will see more clearly and have a better-lit bathroom with very bright bulbs. High watt bulbs are harsh bulbs and the light casts intense shadows which makes it difficult to get an accurate picture of your face. A lit mirror is best when it uses good quality bulbs in light fittings that surround the mirror, making sure that an even tone of light is cast across the face. In this way you cut the glare and still retain great visibility for close tasks and focus on the face. Take a look at the range of new mirrors available to see how the system works.