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Roof Upgrades and Solar Panel Installation

U.S. households are continually installing solar PV systems on the roofs of their homes to save on electricity and generate a clean and cheaper energy source. The grid-tied solar PV system which is most suited for residential areas near the city have benefited from this renewable energy source in many ways. The solar PV system lasts about 35 years when well installed and maintained.

Before your upgrade to a solar panel installation for your home, you need a roof upgrade first. Preparing your roof for solar panel installation is a safe and guaranteed way of maximizing the life and capacity of your solar panel to produce energy from the sun. While most solar PV system contractors only offer consultation and installation of panels, they are able to recommend professional contractors that will give you a professional and convenient roof upgrade at a reasonable cost.

Consider Your Roof Age.

If your roof is already 10 years old and above then it’s time to have it inspected by a trusted roof contractor that will replace and repair damaged shingles.

Determine Roof Capacity.

The weight and number of solar panels to be installed on your roof depends on the positioning of your roof and amount of electricity you consume, so it’s a good idea to test with your roof contractor the capacity of your roof to hold the total weight of the panels. Having a sufficient roof upgrade keeps your solar panels intact and your roof as well in the long run.

Make Sure Your Roof Gets Enough Sunlight.

In order for the solar panels to work well, your roof needs to be exposed to direct sunlight at all times, trees that block the sunlight must be cut down. Your roof must also be facing south to ensure maximum generation of energy from your solar panels since the U.S. belongs to the northern hemisphere and the sun’s direction moves downwards.

Get Budget for Roof Maintenance and Repair.

Acquiring a budget for a roof upgrade is essential, so there are no delays in installation of solar PV systems on your roof. Some roofs may need to be replaced if they are 20 years or older, so it’s high time to save up for roof replacement if your roof is this old.

Getting a professional roof contractor is ideal for these kinds of jobs as DIY roof upgrades are never a guarantee of the longevity of your roof and safety of your household.