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How to Spot Termites in Your Home

Termite infestation is very hazardous to your house’s strength and stability. Since termites are wood loving insects, your furniture and wood materials are always at risk of damage if these insects find their way to your home. Most termite colonies search for new homes when spring is around the corner because they want a humid and cold environment to stay in. How do you spot termites in your house or how do you know termites have infested your home?

Presence of Swarms on Your House Entrance Spots

For termites to increase in number, they have to mate. Mating occurs for new colonies to be formed so after mating, the termites shed off their wings because they will no longer need them. Depending on the type of termites, wings could be transparent, translucent or creamy white but they are all of the same size. Most swarms, according to Amco Ranger Termite and Pest Solutions, can be found on the doors, windows and other entry points of house.

Mud Channels on Your Walls

The moment you see mud tunnels on the walls, suspect termites’ infestations. Mud tunnels are pathways that connect colonies to the point of infestation. Tunnels is a sign that infestation has stayed for long and a lot of damage has occurred. This calls for immediate and serious intervention. Destroying tunnels will not help because the termites can construct new ones within days and continue with their destructive work. Mud channels can ruin your house attractiveness because they dirty your paint which means if the tunnels are many, you will not even be able to lean on the walls.

Saw Dust like Materials on Your Furniture

Termites burrow through wood materials forming a lot of saw dust materials. As they burrow through, they discard the waste created from burrowing of the wood to create a free space inside for them to occupy to occupy. You will also notice holes or grooves on your wooden furniture which is a clear indication of termite infestation. If you listen closely on your furniture, you will hear a rustling sound as the termites are actively burrowing and moving inside the walls.

Desquamating Paint on Your Walls

Termites release moisture wherever they stay and as they remain on your walls, the moisture will build up and within no time, the paint will start detaching from the wall. Scraping off your paint ruins the aesthetics of your house and you will need to repaint your house once more to restore its elegance. If termites invade your ceiling, you will see the ceiling sagging because of damage to its supportive structures. Termites are easily notice because of the damages they cause and the signs that they display.

Conclusion Subterranean Termites are known to be the most destructive type of termites because they multiply quickly and burrow even the hardest wood they can find. Clean your house on regular basis and make sure you hire the best pest inspect professional to inspect your house and see if your house is infested or not.