A royal home overhaul for Prince Harry

By MARK RALSTON By MARK MURRAY, APRoyalty, luxury, royals, royalexpansionRoyalty is a big business.

The U.K. monarchy is the world’s largest private property company, with assets worth an estimated $3.5 trillion.

But it is also in the middle of a royal home improvement boom, with a number of major projects being funded.

The crown, with more than 4,000 employees, has been spending money to upgrade its property and provide a more dignified environment.

There’s also a lot of royal money on the way.

Royalty owners are putting the finishing touches to more than 200 properties.

Most are on the high end of the scale, with grand homes valued at more than $1 million.

Others are in the same ballpark.

Among them are royal residences in France, England and the United States.

But some of the homes being built are a bit less lavish.

Royalty properties in the United Kingdom and the U.S. are being renovated to the point that they are ready for royal use, a trend that has begun to take off.

The number of projects underway is growing as people in both countries seek to maintain their status as a royal and to have a more modern and secure living environment.

A Royal Home on the RunRoyalty’s home improvements are part of a broader shift in the way people think about royal homes.

For decades, most people considered a royal house a castle or palace.

In recent decades, however, many have begun to see it as a home with a king, queen or other important people living there.

But they often don’t see the homes as royal homes, with many homes being turned into offices, dining rooms and private homes.

A Royal Home Is A Queen’s PlaceA few years ago, the royal family decided that the royal home needed to be modernized to make it more welcoming to the public.

That meant new landscaping and more privacy, as well as more natural lighting and more space.

The royal home has been given an architectural makeover to become more like a typical suburban home.

A new entrance on the property will be lined with a series of natural stone columns that form the main entryway.

In addition, the house will have a large new landscaped courtyard that will feature large flowers and plants that will make it a place to be, said John Hallam, a senior adviser at the Royal Horticultural Society.

He said it will be a place for the royal and other guests to relax and be close to the family and to enjoy the outdoors.

The royal estate will also be able to have outdoor areas.

A major expansion of the grounds will create a “public park,” Hallam said.

The royals will also have more natural light, with new lights installed and a new garden that will provide more space for landscaping, as will a new outdoor plaza.

The landscaping is being done with reclaimed materials that will not be reused.

And the landscaping will be enhanced to reflect the changing landscape.

“The idea of the royal garden is not a grand idea, but it’s one that we think will be much more open and welcoming to people,” Hallham said.

“It will be more open, less controlled and a little bit more intimate.”

The new gardens and public park will also include a tennis court and a small pavilion.

The Royal Family is working on new gardens at Buckingham Palace, the White House and the White Rose garden.

The palace gardens will include a new fountain and a water fountain that will be able tap into the water of the Thames.

A large garden will also open in 2018.

The White Rose is a new extension of the palace gardens and will include new landscape, including a series atrium, a garden with a pool and a treehouse, Hallam told AP.

The Queen is the only member of the family who has a residence in her own home.

She will continue to use her home in Windsor and will keep her private island in Scotland for her husband, Prince William, who is also staying in the palace.

The island will be open for guests to come and spend time.

A special area will be created to house the Queen’s books and paintings, and an indoor tennis court will be built.