‘Bathroom’ star Michael Holtzman’s home has been given a bath

A bathtub is no ordinary appliance.

The owner of an Australian home, who bought it for $2,000, says she bought it to be “bespoke”.

“It’s been given the bath in the kitchen and the bathtub, which was really neat,” Ms Holtzmans husband, John Holtzmann, told 7.30.

“And then it’s got a water pump and it has an electric shower, which is a very nice touch.”

John Holtsmann, who runs Holtsman Home, says the $2k house has been a “great success”.

“I’m very proud of it, it’s been very successful, but I’d rather have done it myself,” he said.

“I wanted to give it a good, good wash, get it to where it needed to be.”

Ms Holtsmans husband says he bought it in a store for $1,000 and it now costs $1.2k a month to maintain and operate.

The bathtub comes with a solar panel and water pump.

Ms Holtzmans husband says his wife bought it on a whim.

“The first few weeks, I was in shock.

I was just thinking: ‘This is fantastic, I’m going to keep it’,” he said, adding that he would “absolutely love” to have his wife’s home renovated.

“It is a beautiful house, and it’s so lovely to have someone come and get you, to get the work done, and then see it come back in good shape.”

“I just want it to last, and I want it all to be in the best condition it can be, so I want to be able to say to people: ‘Look at what you’ve done.

This is your house’.”