Bedside Table Detox Essentials

Bedside TableWhat’s on your bedside table? According to the Guardian many famous figures keep an array of oddities in theirs – ranging from an automatic pistol to a hollow cube of rock salt.

Whilst this handy piece of bedside furniture shouldn’t be completely filled with things (nobody wants to wake up to mess), there are a few essential items that are worth keeping close at hand.

Having these items on your bedside table, or in its drawers, will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day!

Nine Lifesavers

  1. Tissue Box: A cute tissue box, filled with tissue (of course!), is an essential bedside table item that you’ll be especially grateful for when you’re fighting those inevitable winter sniffles.
  2. Scented Candles: There are a variety of scented candles available in exciting scents such as chocolate, apple pie, and coconut lime pie (mmm…). Add a candle to your table for a quick pick me up any time that you need it – but be really careful you don’t leave them burning when you nod off to sleep. Never light candles when you’re planning to get into bed – they should only be used when you’re relaxing elsewhere in your bedroom.
  3. A Tray: A small tray is another one of those items that can really be a benefit at your bedside. Your tray can be used to keep things like your rings, watch, etc. that must be taken off while you’re sleeping.
  4. A Book/Magazine: Most of us enjoy a good book to read as we lie in bed at night, so make sure that you have something that you can use to lull yourself to sleep with. If you do not want a book, keep a copy of your favourite magazine there to enjoy.
  5. Water: A bottle of water at the bedside will prevent you from having to get up and walk through the house in the middle of the night to get a glassful of the clear stuff.
  6. Notepad/Pencil: You never know when a great thought will come to your mind or when you will need to jot something important down. When you have a pencil and a notepad at your disposal, you’ll never forget any of those night-time flashes of inspiration!
  7. Flowers: Having a vase full of fresh flowers can give a great ambiance to your bedroom and help you enjoy the space even more. Pick something cheerful, like a bouquet of daisies or lilies, and you will start your day off the right way!
  8. Lip Balm: Nothing is worse than dry, chapped lips, but a nice swipe of lip balm across your lips and the problem is solved. This is a great item to have on your table (in your tray!).
  9. Mobile Phone: Let’s admit it, we can’t live without them. Ensure that your mobile phone is nearby at all times. It’s a great time-waster when you can’t sleep, and is also useful for emergencies.

Which To Choose?

You may want all of the items listed above at your bedside, or you may only want a couple of them. That is a decision that is entirely up to you to make.

As long as you have the items that you need most readily available then you have a well-equipped bedside table that will help you awaken each morning ready to take on the day with happiness and joy!

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