Keep Your Basement Dry!

FoamAsk anybody who owns a home with a basement what their worst fear is, and aside from the obvious natural disaster answers, you’re likely to get the same response back from many people: water damage. There are a few reasons basements are so susceptible to water damage. The most obvious is that the majority of a home’s plumbing and water systems are located in, or travel to, the basement. Basements are also often humid, and by being built into the ground, can be impacted by how the surrounding land handles water. Lastly, basements, particularly unfinished ones, are places we don’t spend a lot of time, so problems can go unnoticed until they become major issues.

There are a few ways to offset some of these issues though. The one that is likely most beneficial is to make sure you have a quality sump pump, along with a backup power source, should it go out during a storm. There are more passive steps you can take as well.

One of the smartest strategies, both for its water damage prevention as well as its energy conservation is pipe wrapping. It helps keep hot water hot, but in the winter, pipe wrapping can insulate pipes and keep them from freezing, then leaking or bursting. Using non-absorptive material like closed-cell foam will insulate, and keep from rotting due to condensation.

Lastly, simply making a habit out of inspecting your basement on a semi-frequent schedule can help you spot any accidents or issues before they escalate to a full-on flood.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of closed-cell foam insulation, including wrap-around pipe insulation.

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