Not About The Buildings
Providence Public Library


The Library Album is the product of almost two dozen bands who love their local libraries, and it was designed as a fundraiser (and awareness-raiser) for notaboutthebuildings, the website (which you're visiting right now) that's trying to save the endangered branches of the Providence Public Library. However, we decided to put all the songs online for free (yes, free!) because it seemed a little silly to talk about how great the library is and then charge for songs, considering that you could just as easily walk down to your local library branch and get some really awesome music for free.

So, here's the deal: The going rate for mp3s is, of course, 99 cents a song. We'd really like it if you donated 99 cents a song to notaboutthebuildings. If you really like the benefit, maybe you'd consider donating a little more. And if you don't have the money, don't worry about it!

Click the song titles to listen. Right-click (or command-click) to download them.

1. Many Arms
The Lame Drivers

2. Love & War
< tfo >

3. DNS
UV Protection

4. Hypnorotica

5. Bombay's A Ways Away
The One AM Radio

6. Wake Up

7. Bounce
Andrew Sawtelle

8. Running Through The Woods!
Pinky and Dolores

9. Myra Eells, Librarian
Matt Obert

10. Unskilled
The 'mericans

11. Lucky Locket

12. Voodoo
What Cheer? Brigade

13. Bombay Impact
Bloodless Coup

14. Demento Lounge

15. Untitled #12
Mammoth Hunter

16. Divided Binomials

17. People Without End
Tiny Hawks

18. Preemptive Denial
The Masons

19. Between Tangled Wire and Sandbags
The Set of Red Things

20. Third Homecoming
A Passing Feeling

21. The Missing Arm of Victor Krum (demo)
Harry and the Potters

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Cover design by Jason Tranchida. Photo by Matthew Lawrence. Beautiful Library by Tanisha Mendes, created for New Your City at the Fox Point Library. Thanks to all the bands that helped out with this, everybody that gave advice, and also to Mark at 75 or Less Records. Hope you like it!