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Tips on Getting Your AC Ready for the Summer Months

Spring is a good time to enjoy lower utility bills. This welcomed break after heating up the house during the winter is also the perfect time to prepare for the summer ahead. Soon, you will turn on the air conditioning to stay comfortable. So, you may want to get help from an air specialist Houston.

In the meantime, here are a few tips that can help you save time and money.

Check Refrigerant Levels

The efficiency of the refrigerant’s ability to move heat away from your house changes over time. Small amounts can leak out but you never know how much until it is checked. One telltale sign is extended running times of the unit.

A professional air specialist Houston can troubleshoot the problem. They will make sure your refrigerant levels are within the right range so your AC unit runs properly in the summer heat.

Replace Filters

Old, clogged filters will slow down your AC unit. In addition, pollen will get into your home with a dirty filter. Replacing or even updating the filter prepares the unit for intense heat. Upgrading the filter to a design that blocks dust and allergens helps to keep you and your family healthy.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

Another way to keep your air conditioning unit running at optimal performance is to install a programmable thermostat. There is a very good chance that you will gain significant savings in energy costs.

This type of thermostat can be set to a reduced level during times that you do not need it. For instance, you can program it to shut off during the day while you are at work. Set it to switch back on later in the evening so you can walk into a comfortable house after the rush hour commute.

Clean the Outside Unit

Cleaning the coils on the outside unit removes all the mud, dust and other debris it has collected during the winter. After disconnecting the power, use a garden hose for light clogs. A commercial cleaner is necessary for a heavily clogged unit.

If there are serious problems with your AC, consider scheduling an appointment with an air specialist Houston today.

Why Commercial Air Conditioning is Essential For Your Business

As a business owner, you know that your employees and clients are incredibly vitalto your business. Not only does your employees help run your business smoothly, they also interact with each other and the clients to grow the business. With that in mind, a great HVAC system is important to ensure that your employees are working at their optimum level, which will then be projected to your clients as well. Most business owners never seem to be aware of how important and how much of a difference a good air conditioning system can make to the business. Here are some reasons why commercial air conditioning essential for your business.

A Good Air Conditioning System Keeps Your Workers Healthy

The air we breathe is always very important for our health and when people spend a lot of time indoors, it becomes even more so. When air is concentrated in one place with no movement, it can easily become polluted. When you and your employees breathe in the overly polluted air, it can lead to allergens and other health issues. When this happens, you may have a lot of employees going on sick leave. On top of that, respiratory problems are usually contagious. When employees or ill, not only does it reduce theirmotivation to work, but their productivity as well. Consequently, this may cost your business a lot of money.

An Air Conditioning System Keeps People Productive

Being stuck in a congestive and dusty place for a long time causes headaches and lightheadedness. When your employees experience that feeling, they may become disoriented and lose energy. Without the energy to work, they will be less productive and that is terrible for business. By installing a commercial air conditioning system in your business, you will have a fresh air supply at all times. This will keep your employees fresh at all times, which will increase the productivity immensely.

Your Clients Will Appreciate It

Nobody appreciates going into an office only to find thick and stale air. If your business is like that, your clients can be put off immediately and might not come back again. However, when you have a commercial air conditioning system, clients will enjoy their experience at your office more and consequently, with your business as well.

Maintaining Office Comfort

Regardless of what causes poor air quality in your offices, an air conditioning system will alleviate it, and enhance everyone’s comfort. Getting a HVAC system means that your indoor humidity will be taken care of also the temperature regulation. This would be perfect to relieve hot and cold days at the office. In turn, your employees, clients and yourself will work in a comfortable environment, seeing to the success of your business.

Conclusion As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do everything in your power to make your business succeed. This includes making sure that your employees and clients interact in a healthy environment. If you do not this, it may cost your business a lot of time, productivity and money.

Clothing Technology Promises to Reduce Air Conditioning Dependence

air-conditioningAir conditioners are reliable sources of relief whenever it gets hot inside a room. However, their high energy consumption can result in large monthly bills. Occupants also have to compromise on a single setting despite their individual temperature preferences. Now scientists are offering a better and more personalized form of cooling using advanced clothing technology.

According to the researchers, they were able to develop a material that is capable of lowering the body’s temperature by as much as 4F. Clothes made using it will be able to reflect sunlight making it suitable for outdoor pursuits. It also allows a greater amount of heat radiation to escape instead of getting trapped inside.

This represents an incredible breakthrough in clothing technology. In the past, most studies were aimed at creating materials that could keep us warm in the cold. Little has been done to address cooling in warm environments until recently. Most of these have been aimed at athletic gear but regular people should also be able to benefit from this advancement.

The study was undertaken at Stanford University. Their goal was to develop a low-cost textile that could let body heat escape while blocking light and heat from the outside. They called it the nanoPE. The results were published in the Science journal. The researchers say that their project could help those living in hot climates to do away with air conditioning. At the very least, wearing clothes with this textile can improve their tolerance to heat and reduce the urge to reach for the AC remote.

By cooling the people directly, homes and offices can potentially save a great deal of energy. ACs can be configured with milder settings, if they are ever needed. More research is required before this can be ready for large-scale use. The material is now undergoing rigorous testing in different usage scenarios.

Saving the Pennies When Buying Appliances

AppliancesYou’ve just spent the bulk of your budget buying the home of your dreams and in simple terms, you’ve barely got enough money left to put dinner on the table. Perhaps more importantly at this stage, you also have very little finance to put towards those necessary appliances. We’re talking about fridges, cookers, dishwashers and practically every other device you find in the kitchen.

A look around the electrical shop is demoralising at best. It’s full of big brands, with huge price tags. However, there are ways to save money when purchasing major appliances and through the remainder of this article, we’ll take a look at some of them.

NEVER opt for the additional insurance
If you are going for the new purchase, always reject the offer of additional insurance as soon as it hits you in the face. Every new appliance you purchase will be accompanied by a warranty anyway, with a lot of these now stretching up to five years. Additionally, there are a lot more third party appliance repair services that can be found and when you compare the one-off cost of this, compared with years of monthly insurance payments, there really is no comparison.

Don’t fall for the impulse purchase
Just like every industry, there are some appliances that arrive with countless bells and whistles. We’re not going to delve into each and every one of them here, but some are just good enough to make you pull out your wallet on first sight. Resist the urge, and put your situation into perspective.

You don’t have to purchase everything brand-spanking new
Used appliances should always be considered as well. Admittedly, there are some types that you should always buy brand new, but there are many that are perfectly to fine to purchase second-hand. Fridges and freezers generally fall into this category and it goes without saying that you will slash the purchase price considerably – as long as you perform sufficient due diligence whilst inspecting the product.

How to Reduce the Time it Takes to Make Car Repairs

While having knowledge of car repairs can make a difference in how long it takes you to complete the task, creating an efficient workplace can improve the time you spend in the garage. Knowing where everything is when you need it can reduce time as well as costs in a variety of ways. Instead of spending hours digging through boxes or moving those christmas ornaments around, organization is the key to a productive environment.

Your Tools
One of the most important aspects to car repair is having all of the tools you need readily available. By taking the time to straighten out your tool box, you’ll always know where that half-inch socket or the wire tester is sitting. Many times people will have to buy a new socket or other tool because the one that is needed is missing. By making a conscious effort to put tools away when you’re done, you can spend less time at the parts store on more time on the road with a repaired vehicle. Of course you need a great top chest for storing your larger tools and you can find quality units if you click here. A quality tool chest can make all the difference when it comes to organization.

Oil, Antifreeze and Other Liquids
Many people wind up collecting bottles of various fluids for the automobile because they can’t find previously purchased units. Often times these bottles get stored in random locations and completely forgotten. Then one day while looking for something else, the bottles are found after money was spent buying new fluids. Organizing your garage and storing those containers in a logical and easy to find location can save you time and money. Cabinets are an excellent place to keep fluids as it prevents accidental spillage and reduces the chances of children or animals getting into the containers. Even if you don’t have children yourself, friends and family might.

Specific Repair Books
Even the most versed individual in car repair could benefit from having a book on hand that has all of the information needed about a specific vehicle. Some people feel that having this book in the trunk of the car itself is ideal for it helps you make repairs if you’re stuck somewhere outside of phone service. A basic set of tools usually accompanies these books in the trunk. Although there are some repairs you simply can’t do without replacement parts, you may be astonished by how often a quick fix can get you back on the road.