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Protect Your Home And Office From Fire

If you own a business in California, you need to have your fire protection pipes examined by the state every few years. This can be a harsh process for business owners who do not know much about fire protection pipes. However, there are several steps business owners can take to be sure their businesses are in the right.

Know The Laws In The Area

The first thing business owners can do is study all of the laws regarding fire protection pipes. This will help them notice when certain things do not look right, especially before an annual or monthly inspection. Knowing the laws will also help business owners save money on hiring a legal professional.

Visit Similar Businesses

The next thing business owners can do is visit with owners from similar businesses and find out how they keep their fire protection pipes up to date. It is important to find out if these business owners are spending money on outside service. This is in preparation in case owners had to take this specific route in the future.

Look For Other Sources

Another thing business owners can do is look for other sources to help them keep their fire protection pipes up to date. The best place to find these sources will be online, but the source used should have a history of helping businesses pass inspections and keep out of danger. An example of this type of source is Davis Fire Protection, which helps businesses in various industries get their 5 year fire sprinkler certification California requires. This company has been in business for almost 20 years, and every employee is skilled to inspect any situation. In addition to checking sprinklers, David Fire Protection also acts as a dispatcher when the sprinklers are needed, which takes the burden off the backs of owners.

At the end of the day, beyond the fear of an inspection, there should be a fear of putting people in danger. Business owners should want every fire protection pipe to be perfect.

How Old is Old Enough to Be Home Alone?

alarm monitoringThe issue of latch-key children has been discussed for some time, but concerns about child safety in the modern age tend to heat up with every news story that covers the topic. 

Each state has different laws that govern at what age a parent can legally leave a child home alone. In the state of Georgia, for instance, children 9 – 12 can be left without adult supervision for up to two hours. In most states, children can babysit after the age of 13. It’s best to check the law in your city and state before you consider leaving your kids at home. 

Common sense would dictate that the child should be at least school-age before being left alone for any period of time; after that, it depends on the reason and duration of the parental absence and the maturity level of the child. A 7-year old who is good at following directions and is generally obedient could be left for short periods much more readily than a 10-year old with behavioural problems. 

There are benefits to leaving your children home alone for short periods. It lets your child know that you trust him, and he’ll learn repsonsibility and accountability. If you feel uncomfortable at the thought of leaving your child unsupervised, ease into it with a few trial runs of about 15 – 20 minutes. To put your mind further at ease, here are a few tips on helping them stay safe while they learn to be independent. 

Preparing Your Child

1. Make sure that your children know the basics of home safety, like when and how to call 911 in case of an emergency, the location of fire extinguishers and how to handle it if someone comes to the door. 

2. Check in at least once, but don’t overdo it; it’s important for children to know that we trust them, and this will help build confidence and maturity. If you have a close neighbor that you and your children know well, give them a heads up to check in if you will be gone for several hours. Let your children know that this neighbor is available if there’s trouble. 

3. Make plan with your child about what to do in the case of unexpected events like fire, electrical interruptions or other threats to their safety.

There is a middle ground between helicopter and free-range parenting, and every child is an individual. As a parent, you’re the best judge of whether your child can handle the responsibility of looking after him or her self and any younger siblings. For extra peace of mind, parents can install safety devices from a licensed, reputable alarm monitoring company.

Why Buy A Pistol Safe?

Pistol SafeYou are enjoying a deep sleep after a long, hard day. The factory-fresh Serta iComfort mattress—the tag still attached—feels unbelievably soft. You are lying still, peacefully recharging for the long day ahead. Suddenly, your eyes fly open and you sit bolt upright. Someone is hammering away at your door like a madman, and you can hear the glass breaking already. You turn to look at your wife, and you see that she has awakened as well. She is staring at you with big eyes shining in the dark. “Call 911!” you whisper in a panic, as downstairs the door gives up the ghost and collapses under the strain. She grabs her cell phone off the bedside table as feet thunder up the staircase. You reach down under the bed and pull out your biometric pistol safe with shaking hands. One swipe of your finger and your hands close on the cool metal of your Springfield Armoury 1911 .45 handgun.

There is only just time to flip the safety to FIRE when the door flies open. You instinctively blink as a blinding light flashes into the room. In that moment, the attacker is upon you. A baton bounces off your head like a basketball, making you see stars and almost black out. In desperation, you pull the trigger—once, twice. With a hideous yell, the attacker collapses backwards. Your wife is sobbing as she dials 911. You are shaking uncontrollably. Your pistol has saved the day.

It’s no coincidence that pistol ownership in the US has risen at the same rate as that of home invasions. Americans are realizing that having an adequate weapon for self-defense is the key to survival in today’s world. What most pistol owners do not realize, however, is that having an appropriate place to store the pistol is almost as important as ownership of the weapon. If a dangerous weapon such as a rifle or pistol is left exposed, it serves as a temptation to children as well as to the lawless. Additionally, dust may accumulate in the action of the weapon, causing deterioration and possible jamming while in use.
Pistol safes typically come in a hard case format. This provides maximum protection for the gun while offering portability.

Purchasing pistol safes from sources such as Gun Safes Now is an excellent way to protect your investment.
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