‘Crowdsourcing’ means it’s cheaper to get your home fixed

A home improvement company is crowd-sourcing a new home improvement idea to help customers save on the cost of repairs, and it’s helping homeowners save money too.

Green Home Improvement, a Seattle-based company, has launched an online crowdfunding platform to help homeowners pay for home improvement upgrades.

The company launched the crowdfunding platform last month with the goal of raising $50,000, but its current goal is to raise $150,000.

Green home improvement is a home improvement startup that provides professional home improvement services to homeowners.

It has been making a name for itself through its high-quality services, as well as its affordability.

It’s been featured on the “Today” show, CNBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, NBC, and CBS.

Green has already raised $50 million from investors including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, investor Marc Andreessen, and Google co-founders Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt.

Its services include home improvement projects and home renovation projects.

It’s been one of the most successful home improvement companies to emerge from the crowdfunding community.

Green is now working on a $150 million fundraising campaign to expand its offerings, according to its website.

Its founders have been building a business around a home renovation platform that includes services for home improvements and maintenance, and also home improvements for homeowners.

The goal of Green Home Improvement is to make home improvement a “minor cost” when it comes to homeowners, CEO Scott McLeod said.

“You can save money when you have a professional home care contractor on your property, you can save dollars by not having to worry about the labor and maintenance,” McLeod added.

Green’s crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its $50k goal and is still open to the public.

So far, Green is raising $1.5 million in donations through the site, which can be used for the project.

The company is seeking a maximum of $250,000 to complete the crowdfunding campaign, which includes hiring contractors and installing the first home improvement project.

McLeod said Green has raised $150K in the first month of fundraising, and has so far secured over $90,000 of its $150k goal.

It was founded by Green co-CEO Scott McLean and three other Green cofounder members.

McLean said the goal for the company was to be a “franchise” in the home improvement community, and to help the homeowners who needed help.

McLeod and his team built Green to be able to scale and expand in the future, and expand the service to help more people, McLeod told CNBC.

The crowdfunding platform will help Green raise capital to build the platform, McLean added.

The crowdfunding platform has been used to raise money for a number of startups, including one in which the Green founders built a home security app, which is now on the market.

McLane said Green is focusing on a home repair project for homeowners that will be in their community.

McLeods home improvement website, Green Home Improvements, says the crowdfunding initiative will help homeowners make a “decision to purchase a home.”

McLeod explained that homeowners will be able choose between two homes in different states and have the opportunity to have the project be built by a different contractor.

McLeslie said the crowdfunding effort is a way for Green to build up its brand and help to bring more people into the home improvements space.

He said Green hopes to have a product on the marketplace as soon as possible.

McLaverty said Green’s crowdfunding program is an exciting way for homeowners to get in touch with their home improvement experts.

Green said it plans to make the first $150m of the crowdfunding funds available for a home maintenance project and will then expand that to the next $150M in total funding.

Green says the company plans to invest in new home improvements to help its customers save money and also expand its home improvement offerings.

Green, which started as a home care business, now has more than 2,000 customers.

It currently has services in nine states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, California, and Florida.

McLAVERY said Green was founded in 2004 by McLean, McLaverty, and Green cofounders Brin and Andreessen.

McLean became the company’s CEO in 2018.