Saving your Landscaping with Structural Elements

The way your plot of land is designed, as well as the soil type in your area, your landscape design may need a few upgrades. Landscaping can be expensive. If your outdoor space is designed for entertaining, adding security to the design with a few structural elements may help.

Sloping Land

Sloping land can be a big problem. In period of heavy rain, it may compromise your home’s foundation – especially if the slope is not properly accounted for in the landscape’s design. An ideal way to protect the foundation is to have a retaining walls Manassas VA installed.

Retaining walls are often known for being eyesores. Modern designs allow them to act as additional seating and additional planting space. Should you sell the home, buyers can see that you made the structural necessity functional.

Water Retaining Mulching Materials

In addition to utilizing a retaining wall, a mulching material that retains water is also ideal. This will help keep plants and other vegetation well hydrated while preventing the soil from getting too wet. When the mulch holds in moisture and the plants stay hydrated, it also reduces the amount of water you’ll have to use when the plants are in their peak growing season.

Concrete or Stone Pad

Concrete can be poured in a way that slopes slightly away from the home. Doing so prevents water from building up near the foundation of the home, causing structural issues to the home. Concrete can also be stained and treated to give it a specific design. Sealing the concrete protects it as well as the expensive finish you may have chosen for it. You can go a step further and have a 3-D design applied to the concrete where it would look like it blends right in with the grass or stone around it.

Closing Thoughts

Your outdoor space can still look elegant with the right structural elements in place. The exterior design will help these elements appear as if they are intended for beauty and not to keep the yard in place. The choice of materials that you use are a big factor in the cost of the project—this is an ideal opportunity for using reclaimed materials.

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