Home Improvement Christmas: The Carolinas Home Improvement Season Is The Worst Christmas Ever

In 2015, home improvement season in Charlotte was supposed to be a fun time, but it turned out to be even worse.

The city of Charlotte was facing a $20 million budget deficit due to Hurricane Matthew.

When the hurricane struck, the city needed to make repairs to its homes, which would be expensive.

The city, however, couldn’t get its housebuilders to help because the construction of new homes wasn’t happening fast enough.

So, in a desperate move, Charlotte went bankrupt.

Charlotte is now in the midst of an epic rebuilding effort.

Now that it’s finally reopened, homeowners can return to enjoying the home improvement seasons they were expecting, but with the cost of new home construction going up by $10 per square foot.

As a result, there’s an estimated $7,500 per home on the market for home improvement in Charlotte.

With the price of the home up, the homebuyer is looking for a bargain.

According to homebuyers, the only thing worse than paying $10,000 more than their budget is paying $12,000.

If you’re looking for an affordable home, it’s hard to find a better deal than the home in Charlotte, NC.