Growth Justifies Home Improvement

Home ImprovementThe variation in property values from region to region in the UK continues to show wide disparities. In London you would have to pay almost £80,000 per square metre to buy a flat in a prime location. In contrast you could buy a mansion in Devon at a relatively paltry £157 per square metre, less than 5% of the average price per square metre nationwide. In the case of the latter you would also get 28 bedrooms which seems to be the reason for the bargain price; the place is simply too big. In London you would need to pay almost as much for a garage in Kensington. The good news is that prices are rising everywhere after a period of relative stagnation during the credit crunch. It is something that has revived the fortunes of everyone in the construction industry whether they are builders or suppliers.

It seems you can get a good deal for your money in Devon with another large property, eight bedrooms this time costing just £250,000 with a square metre price just a third of the nationwide average.

South West
It does not mean that the South West is not attractive. There are plenty of people happy to live in cities such as Exeter and they are seeing the value of their properties rise. There are new builds taking place to satisfy the acknowledged shortage of housing as well as companies supplying everything that is needed for home improvement. Replacing doors and windows in Exeter is just one of the popular home improvement projects being undertaken by many owners who are opting to upgrade older houses. UPVC provides an excellent seal against the elements, ensuring that heat is not lost through the gaps between doors, windows and their frames.

Home improvements are a wise investment. They can help you save money on your monthly bills as well as adding value to your property. Certainly if you have a home that is similar to many others in the neighbourhood then you will want it to compare favourably with the others. New windows are certainly something that will help you achieve that.

Don’t be afraid to ask
If you are thinking about spending money it is worth taking a little time to consider what you will do and who you should use for supplies and the work involved. Good websites will provide you with plenty of information to consider in your own time. Whenever you have questions, you will be able to ask companies that have built a reputation because of the satisfaction that previous clients have experienced. You will be under no obligation if you make contact and see what they have to say.

Wherever you are in the country, your property is an increasingly important asset and protecting that investment deserves your attention.

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