How to Protect Your Car from Thieves


Your car is probably your second-biggest investment after your home. While you undoubtedly go to great lengths to protect your home, you probably don’t give the car much thought once you park it. While you might have deterrents such as an alarm or steering-wheel lock, you should also be aware that many thieves are turning their attentions to stealing car keys.

Vehicle theft is an opportunist crime, with thieves opting to take the car that is easiest to steal. The chances are that they will be looking for one that can be broken into and started quickly. There are no theft-proof cars, and while joy riders are often deterred by simple security measures, it can be more difficult to stop professional car thieves.

So just how do you guard against the danger of car theft? Here are some dos and dont’s that will help to keep your vehicle safe from opportunist joy riders and professional car thieves alike.

Do Keep Your Car in a Garage
This is the most important thing you can do to keep your car safe. Nearly 50% of all car crime occurs right outside the house. By locking the garage doors and the vehicle, you are greatly reducing the chances of your car being stolen. Ensure your garage doors are secure and in good working order and replace them if necessary. There are several suppliers of garage doors in Huddersfield and other locations across the country.

Don’t Place Your Car Keys in an Obvious Place 
Ensure you don’t leave car keys in an obvious place, such as on a hook by the front door, as thieves may be able to retrieve them with a wire. According to the Daily Mail, car thieves are now resorting to stealing keys rather than breaking into cars. Some burglaries are now staged just to take car keys.

Do Put Anything Valuable in the Boot
Satellite navigation systems, laptops, handbags and other valuables are best removed from the vehicle. If you must leave them in the car, ensure they are locked securely in the boot.

Don’t Leave the Engine Running
Cars are commonly stolen at petrol stations, supermarkets and cash machines while you nip out and leave the engine running. The same can happen when clearing ice from the windscreen.

Do Use Other Deterrents
Always park in a well-lit area and use a car alarm to deter thieves. You could also consider an engine immobilizer or fuel cut-off switch.

You don’t need to spend a fortune theft-proofing your car. If you are able to, leave your vehicle in a garage overnight and ensure the doors are locked securely. Specialists such as doors huddersfield/info 15.html can provide a range of garage doors to suit all requirements.

If you don’t have access to a garage, there are plenty of other measures you can take to deter thieves. Most thieves are opportunists and simple deterrents will keep them away. Never leave anything valuable in the car and consider fitting an alarm. Keep in mind that car-key theft is on the increase and take additional steps to ensure your home is secure.

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