How to use your garage space more wisely

garage spaceFor many homeowners across the UK, your garage is an extra space within your home where you can store items such as the car, white goods, storage and much more. Although many people openly admit to using it on a regular basis, some still fail to use it economically and use it more like a free space with a roof rather than actually thinking about its purposes.

To combat this however, Yorkshire based Dencroft Garages have tried to make people think more about the use of their garage, and if possible think about this in the build processes.

After speaking to some of their engineers, they said that with a little bit of consideration in the initial build phase, you can actually free up lots more space than first thought and make you garage a much more usable, and ultimately valuable space within your home.For example, if storage is the ultimate purpose of your garage, you could create even more storage space by having an apex roof. This allows for greater overhead storage and can free up lots of floor space that can be used for other things such as the storing of white goods. Sticking with the aim of storage, you could also add hooks and hinges to the side walls so that you can take items such lawnmowers, tools and much more off the ground and safely secure them to the wall, again making more floor space available. Also adding a roller garage door rather than a sectional or side hinged, will allow you to park or store items closer to the door.

If the sole purpose is however not storage, you might be wishing to use the space more regularly, such as putting outdoor white goods in the garage. By considering this early enough, you can add an alternative entrance door to the garage, maybe at the side or the back, so you do not have to go through the front or main garage door all the time. By allowing for this in the first instance, you can also help to design the inside of the garage, especially if you decide to put multiple appliances outside or wish to use it as a work space (this could also be added in during the initial stage).

Should your garage be for more traditional purposes only, such as storing the family car, why not make the process of getting in and out of it easier? Did you know that you could add additional lighting, as well as have a range of different garage doors, many that are available with automatic operation. There will be no need to fiddle with locks on cold and icy winter mornings, as instead you can just press a button and the door will open.

It is clear to see that considering the purposes of the garage before you start the build phase can determine which features become a necessity and can help you use the space more wisely. As the staff at Dencroft Garages explain, with a bit of care and consideration, you can achieve a much more useable space and add personal value to your home. If you are in the market for adding additional storage to your home, consider a steel building. They offer affordability and customization to fit your needs.

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