Recommend Quality Mat Company

Whether you refer to them as laminate mats, board road mats, or interlocking mats, one thing is for sure, these mats have helped the gas and oil industry reach sensitive and remote locations with ease. Before interlocking mats we’re introduced in the mid-1970s, crews had to use fill materials to create roadways in order to access remote destinations.

This fill material was not only environmentally dangerous, but the process was extremely time consuming and didn’t provide the safety that is found in interlocking mats. Interlocking mats have made it much easier for industries to create temporary roadways, while also protecting the environment in which they are being used. Interlocking mats provide extremely reliable temporary roadways, stable work bases, and ground protection.

Commonly manufactured from thick hardwoods, interlocking mats are extremely durable and can be used for multiple jobs. With enough give to support even the heaviest equipment, these mats are suited for a variety of applications. If you’re looking for the best interlocking mats on the market, we recommend Quality Mat Company. Q Mat offers a variety of sized interlocking mats, but also offer custom sizing options as well as mat rentals. If you’re looking for the very best temporary roadway solution, consider interlocking mats from Q mat today.

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