Slash Your Energy Bills with Nifty Window Tactics

Nifty WindowWe don’t need to write too much about the rising cost of energy bills, you can research that for yourself by checking your bank statement. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon, although you can make life a little easier by cutting your energy output through your lifestyle.

One of the biggest losses of energy in the home occurs around the windows. Considering the width of glass, as against the width of your standard brick wall, this should really come as no surprise. Therefore, the biggest savings can be made by working around your windows to improve the thermal efficiency. While this might sound a little complicated, it can actually be achieved by following some simple steps which we will run over through the remainder of this article.

Caulk is your new best friend
You may have just moved into a new-build home, but don’t for a moment think that your windows are going to stay in tip-top condition for the foreseeable future. The seals around these openings do gradually break down and unsurprisingly, this does nothing for thermal efficiency. Therefore, invest in a bottle of decorator’s caulk, and smoothly inject around the seals. It will block the air leaks and ultimately reduce the small draughts that are generated around the openings.

Always have some form of window covering
With so many blinds and curtains now available on the market, there really is no excuse for failing to treat your windows. Even if you have an unorthodox shape, such as a curved opening, there are various rails available from retailers which can still help you to install them seamlessly.

By treating your window with a blind or curtain you are able to immediately insulate your room and while it’s probably one of the more expensive retrofitting options you can take, you will generate more than enough payback in savings.

Use your coverings properly
Of course, once you have installed your set of blinds and curtains it’s all up to you to use them properly. Opening them during the day, to let sunlight in, will immediately heat your room. However, making sure they are closed at night to protect against cold draughts is also essential, and again will contribute to those big energy savings we keep talking about.

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