Staying safe and adjusting as you age

Staying safeIf you want to live out your days independently and not be in a care home or old age facility it is vital that you take the necessary safety precautions to ensure you are equipped to deal with any situation that may arise. While growing old is no-one’s favorite topic, it is important to stay safe and adjust routine to suit your lifestyle.

Change your mindset
One of the biggest problems with ageing is we do not expect it and it literally creeps up on us, until something happens that changes our outlook. Older people are more vulnerable, both to criminals and medically, so the best safety precaution that can be taken is to be prepared. By changing your mindset and accepting that you may need to make adjustments to your lifestyle you can accommodate for ageing and still enjoy your independence. The first aspect you may need to address would be your own home, as confidence and peace of mind within the home is vitally important.

In many cases elderly people who live alone have fallen or injured themselves so it is best to assess your home and decide if there are any dangers that may pose a threat to your daily life. Once you have assessed that there may be some minor alterations that need to be done. Have them completed and enjoy peace of mind that the threat has been eliminated. Many people fail to fix a loose floorboard or a lifted carpet and end up breaking hips or other bones that have become fragile with age, causing them more distress and the potential of having to move into a care facility.

In neighbourhoods in the UK Neighbourhood Watch groups are becoming involved in elderly care in an effort to offer support and to ensure that the elderly are watched over and remain safe. This initiative relies on the principle of being neighbourly and reinforces the attitude that knowing your neighbour is the first step to safety in the home.

Increasing home security
Older people are often targeted in house burglaries as they will put up less of a fight and are less likely to strike back. It is vitally important that home security is increased as you age and that a burglar alarm and burglar bars are installed to deter intruders. Often just the presence of a security gate or burglar bars is enough of a deterrent as it makes a burglary look like hard work and thieves would rather target elsewhere.

Personal alarms such as those available at sites such as are also a great deterrent and a safety measure that can be put in place for quick and effective use. A personal alarm can be worn, usually as a necklace or as a wrist strap, and works effectively in the house or garden.

Staying safe should be everyone’s priority and as you age there are some simple adjustments that can be done to ensure that you are safe both in and around your house. By being aware of your surroundings and adapting your lifestyle you can enjoy your golden years in a safe and secure environment with peace of mind.


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