The Guide to Preparing For Your Big House Move

House MoveThe paperwork has been completed, the big day has arrived. Unfortunately, while moving house should be one of the happiest days of your life, it can also be one of the most stressful. Arranging a move is certainly no easy task and in the weeks leading up to moving day, prepare to see your stress levels soar through the roof.

No matter what advice we give you, this is never going to change. Stress and moving home will go hand-in-hand for as long as the world spins round. However, we do have several tips to make the whole process that little bit easier and through the remainder of this article we’ll take a look at some of them.

Prepare for the removal team
A common misconception is as soon as you have contacted a company to take care of removal, your job is over. Unfortunately, while firms like this one do aim to relieve as much of the process from your shoulders, they still need a bit of help from your end. Ensuring that there is suitable parking space right outside your door should be your primary course of action, while it goes without saying that you need to package everything and inform them of any heavy-duty items that may take a while to manoeuvre.

Cancel your utilities
In the hustle and bustle of moving it can be easy to forget about issues like your utilities. Make sure you cancel everything from your gas, electric, phone and water to avoid any nasty billing surprises. While you’re at it, ensure that things are up and running and connected at your new home.

Go into “hibernate” mode
In the weeks leading up to your move, this could be one of your most important tasks. Your aim is to make life as easy as possible around moving day, and this means sorting all of your “chores” in advance. Issues like putting the dog in kennels and making sure you have a decent supply of ready meals are obvious tips and can relieve at least a minor amount of stress as moving day arrives.

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