How to get a free $500 Google Home with an $8 purchase of a TV

A Google Home, a smart speaker that you plug into a home and control via an app, is becoming a big deal.

As Google’s new Home product has become more popular, many have asked: How do I get one?

Here’s how to get one.

If you want a free Google Home unit with an online purchase of an HDTV, you have to go to Google’s website and download the app.

It’s $8 for the app, $9 for the Home and $12 for a $150 Home starter kit.

The $150 kit comes with all of the features and software for a single device.

There are two ways to get the Home: you can buy one for yourself or buy it for a friend.

If it’s your first time using the Home, it’s worth buying the Home for yourself.

You’ll pay about $1,000 for the unit, which is about $200 more than you would pay for a standard smart speaker.

Google says you can also buy a $99 home automation kit from Amazon for $100.

If your first purchase was a $100 Home starter Kit, you might want to consider purchasing an additional one.

The extra $200 will get you an additional speaker, a more powerful remote control and more features.

To get one, you’ll need a smart TV.

Most smart TVs don’t include a Home app.

For example, the Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TVs and Philips Hue smart bulbs don’t come with the Home app, but you can get a Home Hub if you buy one of those smart TVs.

If you don’t want to buy a Home starter, there are a few smart TVs that do include one of the apps.

You can check Amazon or Google for the models you want.

The Home comes with a range of built-in features: You can control the volume of the Home’s speakers and the volume control, adjust the color temperature of the LED lights, and turn on the thermostat.

It also has a speaker-phone-like remote that lets you play music, pause playback, and even turn on lights.

The software is more complicated, with a slew of different apps that you’ll want to try out.

Google also provides instructions for each app on its Home website, and you can see how to set up the Home on a TV by checking out the Home apps on Google TV.

You can also order the Home from Amazon, where it’s free with a Prime membership.

If the Home is a big seller, you could end up paying a premium for it.

The most popular smart home devices, which Google has listed as including the Home in its listing, include Philips Hue lights, Samsung TV, Sony TVs and Nest thermostats.