How to improve your home?

A couple weeks ago, we covered a report that showed that the average homeowner in the U.S. is paying more than $1,500 in annual mortgage interest.

In a new report, we look at home improvements that could be helping homeowners lower their costs.

In the report, home improvement companies provide information about home improvements, but they don’t usually provide information on how they’re actually helping the homeowner.

That’s where Home Improvement Analytics comes in.

It’s the first major home improvement analytics project that looks at home improvement data in real time and gives owners a tool to help them monitor their home improvements.

Home Improvement Insights is funded by a grant from the U:HRC.

It’s also part of a $20 million effort to use data to improve affordability for people in low-income households.

The project has been in the works for about a year, and the company says it’s already gotten more than 300 responses from people in need of home improvement.

The average home improvement expense in the report was $3,764, with an average of $1.3 million in annual expenses.

But that doesn’t mean the results aren’t helpful.

The company found that more than half of the improvements that were paid for were made to make the home better, with the majority of homeowners paying more money for improvements than the cost of the original project.

“Most improvements are relatively inexpensive,” says Lisa Smith, the CEO of Home Improvement Technologies.

“The reason they’re inexpensive is they’re made to a very precise level.

The problem is that they’re not done in the right way.

If they were, they’d be covered by insurance.

But they’re just not.”