How to watch a house remodel online

Watching a remodel in person can be daunting, especially when the job involves a lot of time away from home.

But there are plenty of sites where you can watch live stream video of the work in progress.

Here are a few to get you started.

Home improvement website: iFixit, owned by the Lowe’s brand, offers a handy app to stream live video of a home improvement job.

Its $39.99 a year, and you can also subscribe for free for $5 a month.

You can also watch the videos on demand, and get updates on the progress of the job.

There are also videos available to watch from your phone.

Home automation site: Amazon Alexa, which you can download for free, has several video options for home automation.

One lets you watch live, with a guide to what to do next.

Another lets you record your progress, and let you share it with others.

There’s also a feature to let you set reminders to watch the progress.

There is also an app for Apple TV, Roku and other streaming devices, but it’s not yet compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Home theater site: Vudu, owned the by Viacom, offers an Amazon Alexa-enabled app to watch live video.

You’ll need to sign up for a free trial and watch a 30-second demo of what you can expect.

The app includes access to Vudus library, including movies, TV shows and more.

You also can record video with your smart TV or remote control.

You may need to change your password if you are already a Vuduz user.

Home entertainment site: Hulu, owned and operated by NBCUniversal, offers video-on-demand access to a large library of live events, including concerts, sporting events, movies and more, for free.

Hulu also offers a paid subscription service, but that requires you to watch in 720p.

You will also need to download the app, and be logged in with Hulu account.

Home-improvement site: iHome, owned mostly by Google, offers free video streaming to its users.

You have to have a Google account, and sign up to watch online and in the app.

You cannot download the video.

iHome is also compatible with Apple TV and Roku devices.

Home repair site: HomeDepot, owned or operated by Home Depot, offers online video-streaming of home repairs.

You won’t need a Google Account.

You need to use the app and log in to the website.

You do need to register for a membership, though, as the service is free to use.

You should also register for an account on iHome.

You could use a computer to access the service and watch live videos, though that is not a good option for many people.

There also is a video streaming service, called YouTube, which has many videos on its site, but not live video streaming.

Home safety site: WatchGuard, owned with Comcast by Verizon, offers more video-sharing options for its users, and also includes a subscription service.

There you can subscribe to the site, which is not compatible with Google Home.

You must have a Verizon account, though.

You would also need a Verizon phone or tablet to access WatchGuard.

You are also limited to viewing video, but the app includes live video on demand.

You don’t need to create a profile, but you will be able to post video to your Facebook page and Twitter account.

You might also want to download a mobile app, like Apple’s iCrave for iPhone or Android’s YouTube for iPhone.

You’re not limited to one device at a time, either, so you can stream on two devices simultaneously.

Home shopping site: Nordstrom, owned jointly by J.C. Penney and Macy’s, offers live-stream video for all its stores.

You sign up online, then select the store and select live video to watch.

You get the same basic video experience as if you had just been there.

You stream for free and can access the store’s extensive catalog of clothing, shoes, electronics and home goods.

You just need to log in, sign in with your Macy’s account, then subscribe to a Macy’s store membership.

The service is compatible with all Macy’s stores.

Home security site: Kaspersky Lab, owned primarily by the Kremlin, offers videos to help people protect their homes from viruses.

You log in with the company’s Kasperski website, which offers an app, but no video.

The company’s service is only available in Russia, though the service can be downloaded from other countries as well.

Home delivery site: Baidu, the company behind YouTube, offers mobile delivery of video for its customers.

You create an account with the Baidus website, and then you will upload a video, which will then be available to stream online and be uploaded to YouTube.