Johnson Home Improvement Center to Get $250M in Tax Credits

TechCrunch: Johnson, the national leader in home improvement products, announced today it is joining with two other national retailers to expand its business through tax credits.

Johnson will receive $250 million in tax credits, with $50 million of the funds going toward expanding its sales force and hiring more workers, the company said in a press release.

Johnsons flagship product, the Jnr Home Improvement and Construction Store, will get $250,000 in tax incentives.

The store, which will open its doors in 2018, will receive an additional $10,000 per year in tax rebates.

The expansion also includes Johnsons Home Depot, which is the largest retailer in the country.

Johnsson will now receive $50,000 tax rebate per employee, a $100,000 bonus per year for each store location, and a $25,000 annual retention bonus for each new store location.

John Smith said that it will also be expanding its inventory of products to include a range of products including carpet cleaning and housewares.

The company will also continue to partner with its existing customers in the home improvement industry.

The company said that over the next year, it will begin investing in expanding the reach of its product lines and adding more stores.

Johnson said that the expansion will allow it to continue growing and adding to its business and the retail industry as a whole.

Johnsen has been expanding its business for years and has had some successful years, said John Larson, Johnson’s president and CEO.

John Smith has grown its sales to more than 1.2 million locations since it was founded in 1872.