My mom’s ‘fake’ house is actually a ‘real’ home improvement

Posted March 01, 2018 12:09:54My mom’s “fake” house in her “fake basement” in her hometown of Cleveland was actually an actual home improvement project, according to a video from her parents. 

Her mother, Darlene Smith, and her father, Michael Smith, said they were “disappointed” that their daughter, who they called “Darlene” because of her initials, was forced to sell the house.

“She’s a beautiful girl, and she wanted to make something of herself,” the couple said in a video posted on Facebook.

“She has always been willing to work hard, she’s always been ready to learn and she’s done a lot of hard work.”

“We have been very upset about this,” the video continued.

“We’re not going to let her down.

We’re going to keep her at home.

She’s a good kid, we’re going through tough times.

And we love her.” 

Darlen Smith’s father, Mike Smith, told The Cleveland Plain Dealer on Monday that he and his wife had no idea that their daughters house was a “fake,” but that they didn’t mind “keeping it” because their daughter would eventually return to work. 

“Darlena” is not the first house Smith and her husband have bought.

She purchased a $2.6 million home in Columbus, Ohio, in 2015.