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Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Thirty-seven spellers. Fourteen rounds. The competition was fierce at AS220 on June 2nd, but eventually Maureen Reddy won the competition with the word caesura, a literary term for a break in the middle of a line of verse.

In addition to fame, honor, and glory, Maureen won prizes from Tiny Showcase, Grandburo, if n books, and Blue State Coffee.

To find out how you might have done, click here and look at the results, including all 236 words spelled in the contest.

Special thanks go out to JP Reader, judge; Gabriel Mendes, judge and retiring 2007 Spelling Bee Champion; Jason Tranchida, bookie/poster designer; and Anne Elizabeth Moore, registrar. Thanks also to Anne, Delia Kovac, and Cynthia Reed, who took the bee photos below.