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Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary

BedroomModern life is riddled with pitfalls that inhibit our relaxation. Kids, money, work, etc. According to the experts, humans have never been more stressed in the history of our brief existence on this planet. We deal with many obstructions in our lives and that is why rest and recuperation is so important to us. We kick back and watch T.V, have a couple of drinks and chat with friends. One of the best ways however, is to be alone. Some people might abhor the thought of being alone for prolonged periods of time, whereas others, of a more introverted nature, find being alone the ideal state of living. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, being alone is a great way to get some well earned R & R.

Depending on the size of your house you might have ample room to hide away, however if you live somewhere like England (on average, the smallest house sizes in the whole of Europe), you might find there is no where you can hide without bumping shoulders with your family. The answer is your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a room of rest and relaxation. Turn your grotty sleep-hole into a sanctuary of peace and well being.

It should reflect you
You should look at your bedroom as an extension of the self. It shouldn’t just be a place where you store clothes and spend a few hours sleeping. Turn it into a place you want to be. Decorate how you want to decorate. Don’t worry about taste; visitors won’t be seeing it. It’s your room, a place you can go to get away from the woes of modernity and get some ‘me time’. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an eye for interior design as your sanctuary will be whatever you want it to be, however if you need some pointers, check out this piece on bedroom decorating.

The Rules
Okay, you’ve got your sanctuary. It’s perfect. It’s everything you dreamed it would be. You look forward to wasting hours relaxing in your new – expertly decorated – cave. You read, listen to music, and catch up on your favourite shows… well you would if your kids would stop barging in with pointless prattle and your partner asking you a barrage of questions. Your sanctuary; you make the rules. Sit your family down and request that when you are in your room you’re not to be disturbed. Set aside certain times of the week as time for you to retreat to your room and recharge.

Having a place that you can go where you can rest and be alone is a great way of saving money on spa days and other rest and recuperation pursuits. You’re entitled to your own time and don’t worry, your family can survive a couple of hours in the evening alone without you.