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Miami, Florida Storage Container Maintenance Guide

For some people, shipping containers are only meant to store things in it and transport goods but depending on what you are transporting it will require some kind of maintenance. Rust is the number one problem and if you don’t treat it properly it can get damaged faster and you might lose potential money-making depot. For example, when you are transporting food, they need to go through inspection in order to be clear for transport.

This is even more important for people that are looking to make a house of them. It will require maintenance like every other house. In this case, it is very important what type you choose and the size. The lifespan will depend on the material and how much you take care of it. Look to cut down the costs on shipping by buying a used one so you will be able to invest in it later.

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Examine the Container

A great thing about them is that they don’t have many moving parts all of them are in the door assemblies. This means that that area will probably be damaged and will require the most maintenance. Depending on what you will use it for, make sure it is in working condition. After cleaning them you can lubricate them from time to time. If you will use it to make a home, there’s a high chance that you won’t need to open the door. It will be cut off and used for a different purpose.

After inspecting the door, check all other areas for rust. Make sure you clean the dirt first because it will be easier to check where rust formed. Because it is made to be sealed, check the interior also for the same issues. It can get damaged by the load that was in it or just by rust over time. It would be a smart idea to clean it thoroughly if the food was transported inside.

What Causes Containers to Rust?

The material used for manufacturing them will determine will it rust or how fast it will rust. There are many varieties of steel that can be used for manufacturing them. Most people know it as Weathering steel which is cor-ten steel used to make standard 20 or 40-foot containers. Even if it was developed in the US to be resistant to corrosion and have tensile strength, most of them are made in China. They haven’t achieved the resistance they wanted but it is quite resistant in the right environment.

If yours was used for overseas shipping, it was exposed to air that is full of salt and probably exposed to water. It’s been through a lot of wet and dry cycles which can be good but when traveling overseas many other factors are impacting the material quality. This speeds up the oxidation reaction which causes rust. Every container will have a protective coating so if it gets damaged, you can expect the rust to form faster. Always inspect it first before making the purchase.

How to Prevent Rush?

It’s much better to prevent rush from happening because it will save your money a lot. You won’t be able to get involved in every way that will help prevent it because it starts from pre-construction and later comes maintenance and in the end, it will depend on the location. By doing regular inspections you can prevent a lot of damage from happening.

When you check the exterior, see if something has fallen on it and made damage to the protective coating. If it was raining these days and water is still standing on it, make sure you clean the area because water will promote corrosion. Some containers are repaired and there can still be some dents that will collect water so make sure there are no dents.

If you plan to make a home out of it, you can use spray that will prevent corrosion even if you will apply insulation over it. This will make sure that your walls are protected from any threats. When you used it for home storage, it won’t cost you a lot to use a protective spray to make sure it lasts longer.

Rust Treatment

Buying a used one will, in many situations, mean that it will have some damage to it. Most commonly the damage will be rust and you will need to find a way to treat it. You will need to remove it to prevent further damage and keep it protected as well. The most efficient way is to sandblast the rust and then paint and seal the container but it is the most expensive choice. It has to be painted and sealed because you will remove the rust by cleaning it to the bare metal.

A less expensive way is to use sandpaper and wire brush to remove the rust patches. The sandpaper should be used for finishing touches so start with the wire brush. Another tip is to use vinegar after you cleaned it and live it to dry. Use directly to metal or DTM paint for repainting. If you own a 20-foot container, it requires 4 gallons of paint to cover the whole thing.Click here to read more.

The Right Choice

Making the right choice can make it much easier when it comes to maintenance. Think about the details when you are looking for a used one. You might try to ship something but if it doesn’t work out, you will need an alternative use for it. It’s becoming very popular to make houses of it so you need to think about the material that they are made of.

Look for small damages that may affect it more after a while. They won’t provide a small price without any reason. There will probably be something that you won’t see at a first glance. Ask details about the container like what was being transported and for how long. This will help you to get an idea of how much it was used.