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Easy Gardening Tips for Low Maintenance Gardening

GardeningGardening can be backbreaking, but there are ways to make life easier for yourself. If you want the benefits of an outdoor space without all the blisters, backache and hard work here are some top secret tips that will turn any garden into a low maintenance heaven.

Say Goodbye to the Weeds
There are several ways to fight off the weeds. If you don’t like the idea of getting the hoe out or using your fingers to pull up the weeds on a weekly basis you have other options open to you. The first is by covering the garden beds and borders with a couple of layers of newspaper before hiding the newspaper with mulch or chippings. The newspaper stops the light from reaching the soil and all the weeds underneath die off. The newspaper will take a couple of years to biodegrade before it will need replacing once more. Alternatively put some vinegar in a spray bottle as it’s a great weapon against weeds. The vinegar is child and pet friendly unlike many other types of weed killers and it’s safe for the environment. When you spot a weed give it a good spray with the vinegar and by the next morning it will be dead.

The Perfect Lawn with No Maintenance Required
Lawns are lovely but they require constant work until the winter months arrive. You need to mow it weekly, feed it, weed it and aerate it from time to time. The easiest way to save time in the garden is by replacing the lawn with artificial grass from It looks just like the real thing, you can use the lawn as you would a real one yet you need never ever mow it. Artificial grass is now being used all over the country as a simple alternative that stays looking fresh whatever the weather.

Don’t Scrimp on the Tools
There may be some jobs you can’t avoid depending on the plants, trees and shrubs you have in the garden.  There may also be beds to take care of from time to time and if you want to grow some simple vegetables you’ll be unable to avoid digging. Therefore you should make your life easier by investing in decent tools. There are cheap tools out there but they won’t last long and they will not be designed to make the work easier for you.

Set Aside Half an Hour a Week for gardening Jobs
Gardens only become trouble when you let them get out of hand, so don’t let things overgrow. Set aside just thirty minutes a week to dedicate to one or two jobs in the garden and everything will be kept under control. You could even give the children a few odd jobs on busy weeks or in exchange for a bit of pocket money. To benefit from this tip you will need to get your garden in decent order in the first place, but from then on you’ll be in complete control.