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Business Directories and the Change Over to the Internet

Metal ManagementA business directory is one of the central platforms that allows consumers to research and even compare and contrast businesses within their geographic region. These business directories list businesses according to their economic sector, such as a listing of physicians around New Haven, Connecticut. The listings are usually in alphabetical order.

The first type of business directories were mailed circulars that phone companies printed. These books, often called the yellow pages, included a wide network of regional businesses to a consumer. So, if a consumer lived in New Haven, Connecticut, they could receive a business directory in the mail that listed their metropolitan New Haven businesses. If a person wanted to find a business in Hartford, Connecticut or Providence, Rhode Island, the yellow pages would not mention them.

With the dawn of the internet, however, the business directory has become more efficient and offers more choices to consumers. Now, several business directory websites exist at the disposal of consumers, allowing them to search for a particular business, whether they are within or beyond their geographic area. Many of these business directory sites are listings-based pages, while others are forms of social media. The social media ones allow the consumer to create a personalized account to not only find businesses, but also to rate them, give them a review, share the business entries, and interact with other consumers online.

The search functions on the listings or social media sites are much more complex than simply looking through an alphabetical listing. Consumers can enter terms on the website search engines, like “sims metal management north haven” to find the nearest SIMS company near North Haven, Connecticut. This gives the consumer an immense discretion in their consumer choices over the geographically limited business directories that would come in a physical form. In addition, there is a radical reduction in environmental costs by having websites offer these services over paper-based business directories. Also, since these websites have the ability to be seen on mobile devices, consumers can be on the go while finding the business they need.

With these benefits, its no wonder so many consumers go to their computers or mobile devices to find a business near them. Instead of relying on a static booklet, consumers can rely on these websites to find the business that will provide them the goods and services they need at that moment.