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How To Maintain Top-Notch Restaurant Cleanliness

Running a restaurant is hectic, but cleanliness is critical for a restaurant manager or owner. Top-notch eateries understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment for customer and business health.

Most restaurants cannot afford third-party cleaning services, so the staff and managers are responsible for tackling these tasks. It’s easy to get overrun in a busy restaurant, but with proper systems in place, you can keep staff, diners, and the health department happy.

Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Keeping the restaurant hood system clean is a critical step for safety and efficiency. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) establishes the codes for industrial exhaust cleaning systems. Commercial vent hoods must be maintained by a certified provider. The restaurant hood cleaning Orlando FL offers solutions to protect systems from hazardous buildups.

Dining Area

Restaurant managers cannot account for industry trends, but they can control cleanliness. Make a good first impression in this area or it will be the last and only impression made with a customer.

Use a clean towel that has not been used in other restaurant areas like the restrooms or kitchens. Restaurant workers should thoroughly sanitize surfaces customers interact with such as tables, bars, and seats.

Kitchen Area                   

After each task, workers must sanitize utensils, surfaces, and equipment that food touches. Local and state government decides which cleaners and disinfectants restaurant staff should use to clean dishes.


Keep toilet paper, soap, and paper towels fully stocked. Hand dryers are more eco-friendly, hygienic, and help the floor remain paper towel-free. Scrub toilet seats, bowls, and the floor around the fixtures. Since customers and employees typically share restroom facilities, keeping this area clean discourages cross-contamination from food to utensils.

These are just some of the areas restaurant owners and staff should maintain. Prioritizing cleanliness is part of the foundation for a successful establishment, so set a good example to instill this value in your staff, and customers will notice the result.