‘Theres a reason to go to a local’: A Jewish homeowner explains why she left her home

A Jewish-owned home in Lawrenceville, Illinois, has been vandalized in a similar fashion, with one home improvement store saying it will open its doors to the public.

Lawrenceville Mayor Scott Loring said on Monday that the store’s owner, J.R. Smith, has apologized for the incident, but has not yet been arrested.

The vandalized store, located on the corner of North Street and Lake Street, is a small business, Loring told The Jerusalem Times.

It is run by two men, Smith and Jacob Lors, who are both Jews, he said.

“Theyve been charged with criminal mischief,” Loring added.

“Theyve agreed to pay a $5,000 fine and to shut down their business.

Theyre also going to have to make sure they keep the store open and open their business in a safe manner.”

According to a police report, Lors was spotted vandalizing the store in a nearby parking lot, the report said.

A man driving by saw the damage and called police, the police report said, adding that police arrived shortly after to investigate.

“The police found evidence that the shop was vandalized,” the police department said.

Police were not immediately able to confirm the identities of the suspects.

The Lawrenceville Police Department declined to comment further.

Smith, a 64-year-old father of three, did not immediately respond to messages left on his cell phone Monday.

Lors was arrested on Saturday on charges of criminal mischief, burglary and arson, according to the Lawrenceville police department.

Loring did not say how the store was damaged.

The Jewish Community Center of Lawrenceville issued a statement on Monday night saying the store will reopen for business as normal on Tuesday.

The statement added that the community center will “support and defend” the store owner in court.