‘Weird’ Halloween costume can cause health risks

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen something so bizarre, but it’s also something that’s actually quite safe for people who do it.

The costume is a bizarre but effective Halloween mask.

It’s a combination of traditional Halloween garb and a more outlandish twist.

The costume has the familiar face and hair of a clown mask, and it’s all wrapped in a large, red, furry cape.

The wearer puts the mask on with their hands and arms, and they can wear it in a wide range of ways, including the traditional Halloween costume, which can be worn in a costume or in a suit or suit jacket.

The mask can also be worn with a head covering and goggles.

It can also help the wearer mask their eyes, masking the pupil.

The helmet can be attached to the mask and can be changed in size.

Some people like to wear a hat with the mask attached.

The trickiest part of the costume is the cape, which looks like a headdress, with a black-and-white design on top of it.

It has a big loop that runs around the top, and underneath it are a couple of red and black triangles.

You can use a rope or string to pull it up.

The two sides are a red and blue light, and you can change the color of the light depending on what you want.

You put your hands on the sides of the cape and push the light through the loops on either side, or you can put your hand on the inside of the loop and pull it down.

If you want to go darker, you can pull it out and turn it around.

You can also put your face on the back of the cap, which has a face that is slightly bigger than the face on your face.

It is very, very, difficult to wear the mask in front of a mirror, and I don’t know how people manage to do that.

The mask is quite, very expensive, and is often used for special occasions.

The other trickiest thing about it is the face mask, which is made out of rubber.

There’s a very, strong, plastic piece that fits over the top of the mask, so it has a very rigid feel to it.

The rubber on top is made from a very tough material called plastic.

The most difficult part of it is getting the face right.

If the face is too close to the mouth, you might get the plastic pieces getting stuck together.

You could get an infection, and there’s no way to get rid of it in one go.

It might not be safe to wear it all the time, but people are always trying to find out how to get the best performance out of it, and this is one of those.

The price of the prop itself, of course, is quite high.

The actual costume can cost upwards of $500, so the mask is really expensive.

But if you’re willing to spend a bit of money, the mask can be very effective.

The cape is the trickiest, but if you don’t wear the face-mask, the cape is more of a safety measure, and if you do wear the cap you can wear the cape for about three days without a lot of discomfort.

And it works very well.

I can’t think of another Halloween costume that is as effective as this.

If you’ve got any questions about the Halloween costume or any other Halloween related items, or if you have a question about Halloween in general, you should contact us.