What to buy in 2018

With the new year upon us, we have a slew of new home improvement products to look forward to.

Here’s what to buy this year, including the latest home improvement trends and advice for shoppers.

We’re excited to bring you more of our favorite reviews of the year and to share some of the best home improvement deals in 2018.

We’ve also got a brand new home, fitness center, and kitchen gadget category in this edition of the New York magazine home improvement roundup.

We’re also thrilled to bring on our home improvement guru, Martin Martin, to help guide you through the 2018 season.

Martin’s advice and recommendations for home improvement and shopping are well-liked by his millions of readers, and his advice is the basis for some of our favorites.

Martin is known for his thoughtful and helpful advice on all things home improvement.

We asked Martin if he could share some insights into what you should buy in the new season, and he shared a few of the biggest items to look for in 2018:The Best New HomeKit and Alexa HomeKit products:Martin said the biggest takeaway from his latest roundup was that you should definitely consider adding a home improvement system.

The best thing you can do is invest in a smart home.

“A smart home system will make you happier,” he said.

“It will make your life easier, it will make it easier to manage things and it will reduce your stress.”

Home automation systems like Amazon Echo or Alexa are an absolute must for any smart home, but Martin recommends adding the latest Alexa device and a Alexa app, like the Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo.

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