What was the most bizarre blooper of all time? | The Sun

From the moment the ball was hit, it was an absolute nightmare.

It had an awful noise.

The crowd was absolutely insane.

There was no way you could see it coming, and it was almost like the entire field was turning red.

So, we had to stop and get something from the dugout.

We were so close to the outfield.

It was an absolutely nightmare.

The team had to be on the edge of their seats to make it to the clubhouse because there was so much screaming and jubilation in the stands.

There were some people standing on the outfield bleachers and screaming like crazy.

It all happened so quickly, and you just don’t expect something like that to happen.

One of my mates was on the field, and I said to him: ‘You know what?

We’ve got to try and make it happen.’

I was pretty pumped.

We tried.

But, by the time we got to the dugouts, the crowd was really, really loud.

It made me think about the way we had just played.

It didn’t feel like it was a real game, but the atmosphere was really strong.

We had a couple of good pitches, but we couldn’t really hit a home run.

I think the ball went out of the park, and we were in a hole.

We couldn’t even hit a ground ball.

It just felt like something out of a horror film.

We knew we were going to have to try something different to try to get it over with.

After the game, the manager, David Deane, told us: ‘This is where you’ve all got to take your heads off and take it easy.

This is how you want to start this season.’

So, after a few more weeks, we started the rebuilding process.

I was looking at the players and thinking: ‘OK, if we can get over this, then we can start to look forward to this next one.’

I felt good.

The only thing I felt bad about was not getting a couple more wins.

It would have been nice if we’d been able to win at least three games.

And then, we’d get some momentum going and start to win a few.

We got back to the top of the table in May and were very close to a cup final, but it was all downhill from there.

When we were on the pitch, we knew it was just another day in our lives.

So I’m just looking forward to the next one.

The next one will be the last time we play each other.