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It was one of the first major sales of the year and the second biggest home improvement market in the country.

Capizzi’s sales increased by 9% in the quarter.

The company said it had seen an uptick in demand from its local customers, as well as from customers overseas.

But the company did not provide details on how it would make money on those sales.

It also said that its sales from overseas are still down significantly, and that sales of its home improvement products are down slightly in the US.

Capizzi said it would need to generate a profit on all of its sales to make up for the impact of the Brexit vote on the company.

It said it plans to raise some of its funding this quarter to cover that shortfall.

Capzzi also said it is looking to open a new factory in the UK in the coming months.

The company said that while it was a very positive quarter for the company, it did not believe it was sustainable, and it expects that it will need to raise further funding this year.

 The company also said its share price had risen to $3.55, up from $2.80.