What you need to know about Jacks home improvement forums

For years, the Jacks Home Improvement Forums have become a forum for homeowners to connect with their friends, neighbours and co-workers.

(CBC)But recently, the forums have started to feel like a home improvement business, with a mix of real estate agents and online salespeople providing the bulk of the content.

“We’ve really had a change in how we sell our products,” said Rob, a Jacks vice president and general manager.

I don’t want to get into the weeds, but we do not sell our home improvement products in the forums.

I just want to tell you that.

So what you’re looking at here is a business.

This year, the group is also seeing the launch of a home renovation site that lets anyone sign up for a free consultation and to post their own photos and videos.

The company also announced plans to expand into more retail and home-improvement outlets.

The Jacks forums are designed to make it easy for people to connect, but also provide a forum to find and buy products from other members.

It is not a home maintenance forum.

This is an information and advice forum.

There are also plans to launch a website for home improvements that will include information on the sale of items, how to contact your local sales rep, and how to get your home inspected.

You can also post photos and reviews of your home improvement and/or home improvement equipment on the forums, along with comments, complaints, and suggestions.

The Jack’s website will be powered by a third-party service, so there will be no advertisements.

There will also be a marketplace where people can buy and sell items.

When the company is done with its online marketplace, the company hopes to make the Jack’s forum the go-to place for real estate professionals to post pictures of their homes, get recommendations for home renovations, and share their home improvement tips.