Which home improvement companies are making the best of the tech boom?

Home improvement is booming, and while that boom is mostly driven by millennials and tech companies, it’s also led to the expansion of other home improvement brands.

As tech companies like Amazon and Lowe’s are gobbling up homes and replacing the workers who formerly worked at them, the competition for labor has been fierce.

And while many home improvement firms have been successful at competing with Amazon and others, the trend is beginning to shift toward less labor-intensive products and services.

In fact, as home improvement has expanded in recent years, so has the market for home improvement.

And that has created a situation in which the majority of new home improvement products and technologies are now made by companies like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Home Depot itself.

This shift from labor intensive products to more labor-efficient products and more labor efficient services is not only a good thing for consumers, but also for the economy as a whole.

Here are five of the most successful home improvement businesses to watch in the past year.


Home Depot: Home Depot’s continued growth and strong performance during the last few years have seen it surpass the market cap of the largest U.S. home improvement company, Home Depot.

The company’s growth has been driven by its acquisition of a new home building business that it acquired for $250 million in 2016.

It has also expanded into the home improvement business of its own, which it announced in December.

In 2018, the company’s share price hit $13.50, up more than 40% from the beginning of the year.


Lowe’s: Lowe’s has been one of the fastest growing home improvement stores in the country.

Its share price jumped over 400% in 2018 from the start of the calendar year to more than $60 in 2020, thanks to its expansion into the commercial home improvement market.

It expanded its portfolio of home products by investing in a new product line in 2018.


Home Capital: Home Capital is a private company that started in 2008 as a home improvement retailer.

It now has more than 200 stores in 23 states.

The majority of its products are made by Lowe’s.


Home Improvement Centers: Home Improvement Center is a non-profit organization that provides home improvement and related services to low-income and elderly Americans.

It was founded in 2014 by former Home Depot CEO James Bowers.

It currently serves more than 500,000 people in the U. S. and has grown to serve more than 300,000 clients.


Lowe-Dillon: Lowe-Daillon is a home goods and construction chain that is growing rapidly in the United States and abroad.

It is the third largest home improvement store chain in the world, after Home Depot and Home Capital.

The chain’s expansion in the second half of 2017 has seen it overtake the number two home improvement chain, Lowe-Hudson.

The group now serves more the United Kingdom and Ireland than it did in 2018, with more than 60,000 stores.