Why you need to check out this new car-sharing company

The company, Carolina Home Improvements, is looking to launch in North Carolina next year and has raised a $2 million Series A round of financing.

The company was founded in December 2017 by former Tesla executive and Tesla investor Matt Warshawski.

The team has a handful of vehicles, including the Tesla Model S, and offers a wide variety of service options including auto insurance, repairs, and loan guarantees.

“We’re looking to bring the same quality and service to our community with our newest car-sitting service and technology platform,” said Warshawksi.

The new car sharing service will offer both Tesla vehicles and other electric vehicles.

“With our vehicle-sharing platform we will have a fully automated, self-parking, self serving carpool vehicle service for the community of Raleigh,” said Carla Lohse, Carolina’s deputy chief operating officer.

Carolina Home is also working with electric vehicle startups like EVom, EViR, and EVO, but the team has no plans to partner with Tesla.

In fact, the company will focus on developing and rolling out the Tesla platform for its own car-selling business.

“This is not just another car-park company,” said Lohde.

“Carolina Home is not only a car-and-mobile services company, but also a leader in vehicle-to-vehicle technology and the car-mobile industry as a whole.

We want to build a great car-pool service that will help people in our community get out of their cars and get to their destination.”

Carolina Home will have cars and vehicles available for pick up and drop off, and will operate in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh-Durham.

Car-sharing companies like EVo and EVom have struggled to gain traction in North America because of competition from Uber and Lyft.

CarPool has had success in Europe, and CarVans is expanding in the U.S. The car-share service will operate on the same network as the existing Uber and UberX car-leasing services, but will offer a separate app.

“Our mission is to create a community-wide network of people who are looking for a reliable, safe, and affordable car-rental service,” said Carolina Home founder Matt Washawski in a press release.

“As we have found with many of our competitors, we need to create an innovative, scalable business model to provide our community and drivers with a safe and convenient alternative to car-hailing.”

The company has a goal to reach 100,000 car-hopping trips by 2021, and is also planning to expand to other cities in North and South Carolina, which is also one of the first cities in the country to allow car sharing services.