Why you should invest in home improvement book: Experts

You may be surprised by the number of home improvement advice books you can buy, but here’s a few you might want to give a go.

Read more: Home improvements books are now so common that even book publishers are starting to write them up, with the Australian Financial Council recognising them as “essential reading” for anyone considering investing in their home.

Here’s what you need to know about them.1.

They can help you save money on your home maintenance bills.

Home improvement books are often billed as being “one-stop-shop” solutions for the common home owner, but experts say they can be more than that.

“They provide a holistic view of the property to help the homeowner understand and appreciate the building and maintenance issues in a more efficient manner,” said John MacKay, chief executive of the ACCC.

There are also a number of other books on the market that are more “detailed”, such as “Building and maintenance costs” and “How much do repairs cost?”

They also include “Tips for buying a house”, “Tips on choosing the right builder”, and “Home insurance quotes”.

“This is not a simple task, as the books need to be read through and researched in detail before the individual can make any informed decision,” said Mr MacKay.

The ACCC’s website has more than 1,300 recommendations, and a book called “Why I bought a house” has more suggestions than a list of the 10 best restaurants in the world.

You can also read about the many different types of home improvements, including:  1.

Energy efficient: The Energy-efficient Home Improvement Guide, by John MacDougall (published by MacDougalls) is a must-have for those who want to avoid spending a fortune on their home or who need to reduce energy consumption.

It offers advice on installing solar panels, buying smart appliances and more.


Design, design, design: The Home Design Book by Peter Jansen and David Smith, (published in 2016 by Cairn) is aimed at the homeowner who is concerned about the home’s design and wants to reduce clutter and improve its appearance.


Home insulation: The Homesick Homesick Energy Saving Guide, (available from Cairns) can help people save money in the heat by using heat pumps and insulation.


Reclaimed garden: The Reclaimed Garden Book by Ian Wigmore and Simon Roberts, (crown publisher) is designed to give the owner a sense of pride in their own yard, and to help them think about their energy efficiency.


Greening your home: The Greening Your Home Guide by Andrew Lang and Sarah Pang (published on the Greening Australia website) is geared towards homeowners who want their house to be green.


Roof insulation: Roof insulation can help homeowners keep their roofs in shape and save money, according to the Australian Building Council.


Roof ventilation: Roof ventilation is another popular option for homeowners to save money and reduce their CO2 emissions.


Window blinds: The window blinds book is also a must for anyone looking to reduce their costs on heating, cooling or electricity bills.


The National Energy Saving and Conservation Association has more energy saving advice than any other book on the Australian market.


How to make the most of your money: The How to Make Money in Home Improvement Book by John McDougall is a handy guide to help homeowners save money.


Home Improvement Essentials by Peter MacDougill (published 2016 by MacDuff) is another “one stop-shop guide”, and offers advice for a wide range of areas, including housework, kitchen, laundry and pest control.


Home Insurance quotes: The Insurance Review by Michael McDonagh (published 2015 by MacKay & Foote) has more advice than most book recommendations, as it covers everything from house prices to mortgage repayments and insurance.


Home insurance quotes guide: The Tips for buying home guide by John Mottram (published 2018 by MacLaren) is an “all-in-one guide to the ins and outs of home insurance”, with advice on the most common questions you might have.


The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement and Reclaimed Gardens by David MacGregor (published 2017 by MacDonagh) is “a guide to saving money on home and garden maintenance, and provides useful tips on the best garden care, and other useful information about re-purposed gardens”.


What to buy if you are stuck: Home Insurance and Property Insurance Tips by John Bays (published 2010 by MacKenzie) has advice on everything from homeowners insurance, mortgage interest, and car insurance to car repairs and repairs of damage to your property.


The Bigger Picture: Home and Garden Design by