Yank’s home improvement store will open in North Carolina

N.C. Gov.

Roy Cooper and his Democratic opponent, former state Sen. Josh Stein, announced today that a new home improvement retailer is slated to open its doors in Raleigh this spring.

The new store, the North Carolina Home Improvement Association (NCHIA), is a partnership between NCHIA and local Home Depot.

NCHIE’s founder and CEO, Mike Pernick, is also a partner with NCHAA.

“The new Home Improvement Store will help our state become more competitive in the home improvement market,” Cooper said in a press release.

“Our job is to build a strong economy, so we’re excited to partner with the NCHOA to help build a stronger economy for North Carolinians.”

In 2015, NCHia opened a store in Greensboro, North Carolina.

That store, in conjunction with NSHIA, opened on January 1, 2019.”NCHAA is proud to be partnering with NHSI and the Greensboro Greensboro Home Improvement association to open our first store in the Triangle,” Pernack said in the press release announcing the new North Carolina store.

“I am excited to have the NSHAA community, including the Greensborough Greensboro community, to help us make this store a reality.”

North Carolina home improvement retailers have seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

Home Depot has opened its first store, and NSHI has opened a second store in Chapel Hill, North Charlotte, North Charleston and Chapel Hill.

Home Depot has been a leader in the North Carolinas home improvement industry, with more than 20 stores in the state.

The company is expected to open more than a dozen stores in 2018.

NSHII plans to open up to 25 new stores this year.NCHI will be based at 3100 North High Street in Raleigh.

N.H. Home Improvement Group plans to locate at 1140 West High Street, according to the company’s website.